Drakaena Scythia EP

by Scythian Fate

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Mermaid Milka Awesome EP!!! Love all the tracks.. thanks guys 😃😃
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Big T great music... great lyrics... well played and put together... what a not to like.
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"Drakaena Scythia" is the E.P debut release for Sydney metal band SCYTHIAN FATE.

The title is derived from the mythological serpent nymph, Drakaena Scythia who lured the hero Herakles into her cave and seduced him. The offspring become known as the Scythian race. Thus, in turn this E.P gives birth to Scythian Fate.

These uncompromising metal heads have forged an original sound, balancing aggression with dark melodic passages and an intense hard hitting drum attack, to concoct their signature sound.

Not straying too far away from their traditional metal roots, Scythian Fate's influences are anchored in the Teutonic and Bay Area thrash bands, along with Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, King Diamond and Symphony X.

Conceptually, Scythian Fate traverses the centuries, and draws from ancient mythological stories, historical themes and also punctuates the injustices and hypocrisy of the world.


released September 1, 2016

Rhythm Guitar & Vocals - Tom Kotsonis
Rhythm/Lead Guitar & Vocals - Nino Morano
Bass Guitar - Brad Watts
Drums - Max Steinze

Female Vocals on Track 2 & 3 performed by Bec Gordon
Narration on Tracks 3 & 5 by Bec Gordon

Vocals & song narration - recorded at Cream Music Studios
All other instruments - recorded at Cryptic Sound Works

Produced by Scythian Fate
Mixed by Nino Morano at Cryptic Sound Works
Mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering


all rights reserved



Scythian Fate Sydney, Australia

Scythian Fate started as a metal project founded by guitarists Nino Morano & Tom Kotsonis in 2012.

In July 2018, the lads bolstered their arsenal, recruiting front man Toby Heal on vocals. The trio have just completed their first full length album, "Matrimony In Madness" which will be released in April 2019. The band is excited to showcase new elements to their sound to capture your imagination.
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Track Name: Barabbas To The Masses

Do you want enlightenment, or follow the rabble?
Dish out the blindfolds; prepare them for the feast,
Everyone has eyes, not everyone can see!
Red necked propaganda about the Middle East

Heretics of reason, gorging on scandal
Reality TV fuels the ravenous flock,
Stuffing their faces … fucking laughing stock
Give ‘em the Kardashians and celebrity arse!

Parade Barabbas before the masses
And watch them choose.....bah bah Barabbas
Feed them platters of stale fodder
They’ll ask for more....Barabbas to the masses!

The media circus shreds away the truth
Rampant frivolity … depravity and greed
Hurl them more bullshit, it’s all that they want
Royal weddings, a ceremonial farce!

Hypnotised on YouTube, dribbling like fools
Myopic spectators, disconnected from the truth.
Arrest the wise man for treason
Pour the molten wax, seal his mouth shut!

Parade Barabbas before the masses
And watch them choose.....bah bah Barabbas
Feed them platters of stale fodder
And they’ll ask for more....Barabbas to the masses!

Parade Barabbas before the masses
To you the masses, I give you Barabbas!
Feed them platters of stale fodder
They’ll ask for more....Barabbas to the masses!
Track Name: Children Overboard

What Children?
What? Children?

Executed in cold blood, Terrified families on the run
Scattered dreams, fleeing mayhem
Beaten faces are drowning … in pools of blood!
Desperate cries … pulses racing … cloaked in despair,
There is no choice but to escape,
To escape this dreaded affair
Slipping … away
Under the blanket of night
People … smugglers
Assisting their plight

Waves, crash around the rusty hull,
Decrepit vessel’s, sinking fast
Hapless refugees,
Clutch their children, in despair

The attempted navy rescue,
Offers no new hope
Trapped behind barbed wire
Psychologically scarred!

Inside parliament house, the conductor begins
His audience, he reads – In falsetto he sings
“They threw their children overboard!”
“They threw their children overboard!”
Waving his baton, his orchestra responds,
Deceptive violins, begin to play,
A distorted melody of racial fear

What Democracy!
Don’t you mean, hypocrisy?
Where’s the truth, where did it go?
Never mind the election is on!
Shred the facts, through the publicity machine
The buck stops
with the Howard Regime!
Track Name: Nocturnal Disciples

Within the chambers of Sekhmet’s temples
They began to breed
Mesopotamia, India,
across the Bosporus strait.
They lurk in the corridors of folklore
Disciples of the dark
Nefarious, Hideous fiends, Undead
Enemies of Christ!

Centuries past, peasants took cover,
Afraid of pale creatures stalking the night
Balkan villages, Crosses on doors
Entangled in Eastern Orthodox laws

Among Gypsy campfires,
The legend spread,
Rolling mists, devouring livestock
Dried garlic, Rosemary stakes
Blood curdling shrieks, pierce Carpathian forests,
Drowning out church bells, with their frenzied dance

For those that scoff, that they were tales,
I can vouch that they exist today.
You can feel their unholy breath,
Tickling the back of your neck!
Instead of coffins and dingy castles,
They now lurk in lavish confines
Their impeding shadows looming … growing
Sucking up our precious life

An empire of sweat shops,
Reaping minerals from the earth,
Gutting and bleeding the poor,
A greedy disease infesting the globe

Emptying our souls, they’re in total control
Be-ware … the corporate vampire’s bite!
Track Name: Mary Rose

Built on a dry-dock at Portsmouth
A noble ship of the age
State of the art warship
She sailed with poise and pride in her sails
Longbows, cannons and with her crew in detail

Her name was the Mary Rose
The pride of the Tudors’ fleet
From his castle at Southsea
Henry watched as his pride sank into the sea
In denial of the unfolding tragedy

Torrents gushing through the gun-ports
Plunging deep beneath the surface
Deafening screams, sinking bubbles
Abandon Ship, God bless the Mary Rose!

Enemy ships spotted on the far horizon
With thrashing oars and wind in their sails
The French, they rush into the war
With speed they enter the Solent Strait

A reckless sharp turn with a freak gust of wind
Now her hull begins to fill
The stranded ship tilts onto her side
And begins to submerge into its watery grave

So there her ghosts did remain
For four hundred and thirty seven years,
muted and mostly forgotten
But just like their shipwreck sanctuary
Silence will unravel and truth be told

So rise, now rise
Salvaged from the sea
Speak now Mary Rose
Reveal your secrets
Many centuries of lies

Torrents gushing through the gun-ports
Plunging deep beneath the surface
Deafening screams, sinking bubbles
Abandon Ship, God bless the Mary Rose!

Abandon ship, god bless the Mary Rose

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